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Plan Name CPU DDR4 RAM NVMe SSD Storage Location Monthly Price
Plan NameD8-CLOUD-VPS-1D8-CLOUD-VDS-1 CPU2 vCPU Cores2 CPU Cores DDR4 RAM2GB DDR4 RAM8GB DDR4 RAM NVMe SSD Storage40GB NVMe SSD80GB NVMe SSD Locations         Monthly Price$9.99$19.99 Configure
Server NameD8-CLOUD-VPS-2D8-CLOUD-VDS-2 CPU3 vCPU Cores4 CPU Cores DDR4 RAM4GB DDR4 RAM16GB DDR4 RAM NVMe SSD Storage80GB NVMe SSD160GB NVMe SSD Locations         Monthly Price$14.99$39.99 Configure
Server NameD8-CLOUD-VPS-3D8-CLOUD-VDS-3 CPU4 vCPU Cores8 CPU Cores DDR4 RAM8GB DDR4 RAM32GB DDR4 RAM NVMe SSD Storage160GB NVMe SSD240GB NVMe SSD Locations         Monthly Price$24.99$74.99 Configure
Server NameD8-CLOUD-VPS-4D8-CLOUD-VDS-4 CPU8 vCPU Cores16 CPU Cores DDR4 RAM16GB DDR4 RAM64GB DDR4 RAM NVMe SSD Storage240GB NVMe SSD360GB NVMe SSD Locations         Monthly Price$39.99$129.99 Configure
Server NameD8-CLOUD-VPS-5D8-CLOUD-VDS-5 CPU16 vCPU Cores32 CPU Cores DDR4 RAM32GB DDR4 RAM128GB DDR4 RAM NVMe SSD Storage360GB NVMe SSD600GB NVMe SSD Locations         Monthly Price$74.99$249.99 Configure

High Power Computing Virtual Servers  

Plan Name CPU DDR4 RAM SSD Storage Location Monthly Price
Plan NameD8-COMPUTE-VPS-1 CPU2 vCPU Cores DDR4 RAM6GB DDR4 RAM SSD Storage400GB SSD  or  100GB NVMe Location  Global Monthly Price$19.99 * Configure
Plan NameD8-COMPUTE-VPS-2 CPU6 vCPU Cores DDR4 RAM16GB DDR4 RAM SSD Storage400GB SSD  or  200GB NVMe Location  Global Monthly Price$29.99 * Configure
Plan NameD8-COMPUTE-VPS-3 CPU8 vCPU Cores DDR4 RAM24GB DDR4 RAM SSD Storage1.2TB SSD  or  300GB NVMe Location  Global Monthly Price$49.99 * Configure
Plan NameD8-COMPUTE-VPS-4 CPU12 vCPU Cores DDR4 RAM48GB DDR4 RAM SSD Storage1.6TB SSD  or  400GB NVMe Location  Global Monthly Price$79.99 Configure
Plan NameD8-COMPUTE-VPS-5 CPU16 vCPU Cores DDR4 RAM64GB DDR4 RAM SSD Storage2TB SSD  or  500GB NVMe Location  Global Monthly Price$119.99 Configure
Plan NameD8-COMPUTE-VPS-6 CPU24 vCPU Cores DDR4 RAM120GB DDR4 RAM SSD Storage2.4TB SSD  or  600GB NVMe Location  Global Monthly Price$199.99 Configure

* Pricing excludes any applicable setup fees

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The best priced VPS hosts

Honestly one of the best priced VPS hosts i've found after a lot of research. Uptime is perfect, speeds are great, support is even better. Lu - Determin8 Personal Customer

Support is absolutely unmatched

The support I received from Determin8 is absolutely unmatched. If you are looking for reliability and down to earth support,
are you in the right place. Daniel - Determin8 Business Customer

Recommended with confidence

The prices are really solid when compared to the resources included and they are not skimpy on the NVMe storage space which is really nice as most hosts give big resources and tiny storage space.
I can recommend this host with 100% confidence. Saggy - Determin8 Personal User

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